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Colonel Ogden's
First New=Jersey
welcomes you!



Ogden's First New =Jersey is a nonprofit created to bring the history and experiences of the historical First New Jersey to life, educating the public about its material culture and history, having a great time while we do so.


You don't have to live in or come from New Jersey to be part of the First.  Our members have come from New England through the Mid-Atlantic States down to South Carolina.  We take pride in the supportive culture of the First and the quality of our impressions.  We are proud to represent these New Jersey officers, soldiers and women on the strength of the regiment in the fight for our nation's Independence. 


Use the site menu  or explore the links below to find out more about the First New Jersey. Have questions? Hit 'Contact Us'!

President: Marie Caron

Vice Presidentand 1st Corporal: Patrick Henry
Secretary: Meredith Barnes
Treasurer: Maria Hill

Field Commander: Michael Clement 
1st Sargeant: Steve Patarcity

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