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Who was the historic First New=Jersey?

Formed in the early days of the American War for Independance the First New Jersey was a part of significant campaigns throughout the war...

One of the best in

the army

General George Washington to

General Lord Sterling

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1st NJ Flag detail.jpg

The recreated 1st NJ was established to educate the public about the history of Ogden's First New Jersey Regiment in the American War for Indepence, and it's wider context in the military and material culture of the late 18th c. colonies and early Republic. We make ourselves available to schools, reenactmements, living history events, historical sites and local groups as individuals and a regiment for demonstrations, lectures, parades and workshops to bring the history of the Jersey Line to life.  

We govern ourselves by an Executive Board, Corporate Officers and Field Officers (heads of soldiers and civilians) elected from and by the active membership of the Regiment.  

We welcome prospective members without regard for race, gender identity, orientation, or age. The 1stNJ takes pride in portraying the historic Regiment as well as 18th c. material culture according to best research. At the same time we're committed to a welcoming, supportive, encouraging culture where all members can develop their chosen impressions.

The 1stNJ welcomes experienced reenactors who want to explore a new aspect of the AWI without leaving their current unit, group or even era. Members who reenact with more than one group can be the cross pollination that brings new insight!

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