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HIstorical Reenactmets & Camp Life

Military Reenactments & Camp Life



Historical military reenactments are the heart of what we do. They recreate an historical battle, often on the site a battle or historical event took place.

Reenactments take place in a weekend or can be single day events. On reenacting weekends some members are able attend one day.  

One aspect of reenacting the American War for Independence is that its welcoming to families of all kinds.  Single? Partnered or married? Kids? There were women who followed the Army, children in tow whose family members were soldiers.  A woman who wants to be on the Line? There were women who fought, passing as men.  Families reenact together, and children learn from the fun, gaining skills and memories for a lifetime.  

Camp is home for the event, laid out to reflect an 18th c. military encampment.  Tents are reproductions - some equip their tents in a totally 18th manner, some use modern camping equipment, but cover and conceal it during the event. Others don't use a tent at all! Most of us use a blend of repro equipment with some modern camping accessories.  

We cook and eat a variety of recreated 18th c. meals in camp, from the simplest of camp rations to a feast made from historical 'receipts' (the 18th c term for recipe).  Seasonality and events guide our choices, but you will always eat well with the 1stNJ. 

Camp Recreatingthe 18th c military camp
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