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Impressions: Soldiers, Women &
Civilians On the Army's Strength


An impression is the historical persona a reenactor creates to participate in groups

like the 1st NJ, or in other historical settings. 

Firing 1 NJ Flag 2022 Mt Harmon.jpg

The core of the First New=Jersey is recreating the historic tactics, drill and uniforms of  the 18th c. regiment.  Follow the link below to discover how we bring the 1stNJ to life in battle reenactments, living history events or educational programs. 

Bekah Maria at Skippack.jpg

The women who followed the Army were essential to its mission.  These intrepid women were a cross section of 18th c. American society and culture. Click below to learn more about portraying a women who was part of the 1st New Jersey. 

Washerwomen OAS

An 18th century army was made up of more more than its enlisted soldiers.  Follow the link below to learn more about the support civilians provided, and how we recreate the diversity of civilians who were on the Army's strength (OAS)

Women Regiment
Military Soldiers
Women Regiment
On Army Strength

Reenactments, Living History and Education  

Reenactments Living History Education
2022-06 Monmouth18.jpg

Historical military reenactments are the heart of what we do. They recreate an historical battle, often on the site a battle or historical event...

Bristol Days Brad Patrick Ken Joe.jpg

From historic houses to community festivals and parades the First brings the 18th c to life by recreating camp life and demonstrating...

Capt Vogeley explains it all.jpg

A core part of our mission informing the public about the AWI and 18th c life. We can provide programs on the AWI on a variety of topics, including...

Become Part of st Flag
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